International Clown Summer Lab

We organise an international clown research lab, in the beautiful town of Montemor.(At one hour from Lisboa)
This lab is addressed to clowns, actors, dancers, teachers …, who want to deepen their human presence to an audience.
The lab will happen in Convento de San Francisco, where the classes take place in the morning. In the afternoons, the students will have time to research and work together in small groups.
In the evenings we will come together to sing and share ideas; visitors are welcome.

On friday evenings we will invite the community to showcase our work. We also plan to make clown interventions in town; in order to, as an international group of artists, connect with the local community.

The price of the workshop includes basic accomodation and food.

350 euros (until 25th May)
400 euros (until 25th June)
450 euros(until 25th July)

The maximum number of participants is 16 persons.
It is possible to suscribe for one week. (Persons who suscribe for the second week are supposed to have a good clown experience).

More information:
00351 926899394 (Eva)

During the workshop, Alowies Art will make live drawings in order to compose a story board of the workshop.

The art of the clown is more profound than we think: it is neither tragic nor comic. It is the comic mirror of tragedy and the tragic mirror of comedy. André Suarès (1868-1948)
Over 40 years, Tom Roos did some research on the art of clowning, during which, along with others, he developed the concept

Minimalistic Clown.

The minimalistic clown is a copy of ourselves, but more open, more naïve, more fragile, more spontaneous. He is in direct contact with the audience, here and now. His world can be redefined at any moment and the line between reality and imagination is invisible.
In this workshop, in order to discover our clown, we will not put a costume. Rather we will undo our costume; undo our armor that we have learnt to wear during our education towards a serious person. We will learn to play deep in our body, we will let the impulse of movement precede the word, the impulse of action precede the thought. As players, we see ourselves as image in movement. With our fellow players we search a rhythmical sequence of strong images, addressing ourselves to the imagination of our audience. On one hand, there is exercises in letting go, in accepting, in elimination of self-censuring, in generosity, in giving a fundamental yes to yourself, to your audience and your fellow players. On the other hand we exercise precision, a way of drawing our play clearly.
Persons who want to witness the workshop are welcome. They subscribe for minimum a full day. They are taking part in the warm up exercises in the morning.