Eva Ribeiro

A Aparição

Bringing the message of love and universal peace, these two characters are the Witnesses of a new era. Maria da Conceição and Emilinha are believers of a new religion:

 The Witnesses of the Whole. They are everywhere, all the time, everywhere to share with their beloved audience the prophetic word of the great Egyptian eye.

With lots of absurd humour and physical comedy this show promises to convert us with many laughs!

Aimed at all audiences.

Already presented in times of pandemic, it is adapted to the new constraints of containment of the covid-19 pandemic. 

Artistic Sheet

Cia. The Witnesses
with Eva Ribeiro and Rafa Santos
Direction Tom Roos / Pedro Fabião 
Illustrations Alowies (
Support for creation: International Clown Lab e Oficinas do Convento – Montemor o Novo
Duration: 60 minutes
More about the company and the project:
Website: As Testemunhas