Eva Ribeiro

International Clown Lab

The International Clown Lab is a nomadic training project. Directed by Tom Roos, in partnership with Eva Ribeiro and Pedro Correia (Nuvem Voadora and Encontro de Palhaços de Vila do Conde). Disseminator of spaces of exchange and learning around minimalist clown, ludic communication and clown creation. Welcome!
TELEMÓVEL: 926899394

Palhaços Visitadores

The Visiting Clowns project has as its main goal to transform contexts of isolation through the language of clowning. A project of social intervention through art that hopes to reach the most diverse audiences.

Gargalhadas na Lua

Carnide hosts Gargalhadas na Lua - Mostra de Humor e Comicidade, organized by Lua Cheia teatro para todos in partnership with Eva Ribeiro and Junta de Freguesia de Carnide. Performances, workshops and conversations around clown and comicality.

Oficina Palhaçaria

Oficina Palhaçaria is born from Eva Ribeiro's pedagogical project and the workshops and events that she ministers and organizes. The Oficina Palhaçaria is a page of disclosure of courses, gatherings, meetings and events.